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Cuz I'm a Woman, W O M A N

12 September 1987
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i adore reading harry potter fics, especially now that the series is done. dammnn you JK Rowling! why did you stop?! why, oh why, oh why?
but i guess that is why fanfiction exists. it makes the world go round right?

so.. i think hermione is my favorite character just because of her persistance and her strive for knowledge, and that strong will, and i guess that's something to be admired about her. my favourite pairing would be hermione/draco. well.. actually i reserve draco for her. some other favourites would be marcus flint, theodore nott, blaise zabini. to name a few.. but i think my deal is that i really like hermione with the "bad boys".

butttt... it's really great when the author has the ability to grab onto characteristics and personalities that the characters already have and bend them or glorify? enhance? those traits and make them so believable, you would think that they were the true genius behind Harry Potter!!

if a ron/hermione story is well written, then i can enjoy it. i mean top-notch, super duper story. haha, because i just cannot see those two together. even though opposites attract, to me, it's as if they're the wrong opposites, ya know?

the thing i love most about fan fiction is that anybody can take these characters and make them into their own and create whole new worlds and place these characters is situations we would never have imagined! it takes my breath away hahah :)

now that that's settled.. i dislike ginny a great deal. there's just something about her that bothers me. a lot. lol

BTW i am over 18, but reading fan fiction is like a guilty pleasure for me! ha, people already think i'm insane to love the Harry Potter series as much as i do.


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